The City Attorney’s Litigation Team handles a large part of the City’s litigation needs by providing legal representation for a number of departments. The variety of cases that this team handles is vast and includes tort defense and civil rights matters out of nearly every City Department ranging from the Airport to the Zoo.

Deputies are not necessarily assigned to one type of case or another, but with practice it seems as if most tend to pick up cases within a similar subject matter. Personal injury cases that arise out of claims against the City for almost anything from a dangerous intersection to an errant golfball are also worked on by every deputy on the team. As you can imagine, these deputies are almost always preparing for trial or in trial in some way. To aid the deputies in preparing for trial, paralegals work for approximately four deputies at a time. Secretaries support the efforts of all members of the team and make sure that documents that need to be filed are ready by the court’s deadlines.