Ethics and Sunshine Training

Image of Ethics and Sunshine Training Video
City officers can satisfy some training requirements by viewing the online Ethics and Sunshine Training video and taking a self-study test (both below).

The City Attorney’s Office is among the agencies that offer trainings for public officials and employees to keep them informed about their responsibilities to conduct the public’s business with transparency and ethical integrity. Although these resources are primarily created for city leaders and workers, all San Franciscans can benefit from the information they provide about local government’s duty to function ethically and transparently on behalf of the people it serves.

Requirements for City Officers

Under the California Government Code and San Francisco Sunshine Ordinance, all City officers must receive training in ethics, public records and open meetings laws. For these purposes, City officers includes elected officials, department heads, and members of boards and commissions. City officers must comply with two different (but overlapping) training requirements:

1) Ethics Training

Under state law, City officers must complete two hours of ethics training within one year of assuming office, and at least once within two years of the date of their last ethics training. City officers can satisfy this two-hour ethics training requirement by:

  • viewing both of the approximately one-hour online training videos (below) and
  • taking the entire 60-question self-study test (also below).

After they watch both videos below and complete the self-study test, City officers must also complete and then file with the Ethics Commission a Certificate of Ethics Training (also below). The links shown below can be used to satisfy these requirements:

2) Sunshine Training

Under local law, training on the San Francisco Sunshine Ordinance is mandatory each year for all City officers who are required to file Statements of Economic Interests with the Ethics Commission. In addition, by April 1 of each year, City officers are required to read the San Francisco Sunshine Ordinance and to certify that they have been or will be trained on the Sunshine Ordinance. City officers can satisfy this Sunshine requirement by:

  • viewing the Sunshine Training Video (using the link shown above), and
  • completing the first 29 questions of the Sunshine Ethics Training Self Study Test (also linked above); and
  • filing with the Ethics Commission a Sunshine Ordinance Declaration attesting that they (a) attended the training, (b) completed the video training or (c) that they intend to do one of those within a specified time period.

PDF of the Sunshine Ordinance Declaration to download, complete and file with the S.F. Ethics Commission