Filing a Claim

To file a claim for injury, property damage or loss against the City and County of San Francisco, please find more information on our Claims page.

Report A Complaint

The San Francisco City Attorney’s Office civil enforcement program pursues public interest cases under California’s Unfair Competition Law. Through this practice, the Office enforces consumer protection laws to stop unlawful and discriminatory housing, and financial practices, predatory lending, false and deceptive advertising, the operation of unlicensed businesses, and the sale of illegal products, among other issues affecting San Franciscans. The program also targets code violations with respect to housing, building, and planning codes.

Protecting the welfare of San Franciscans is a top priority for the City Attorney. If you have a complaint about businesses that are acting unlawfully or causing harm to San Francisco consumers, or about property owners that maintain properties in substandard condition or violate housing laws, please visit our Complaints page to file a complaint with our Office.