The City Attorney’s Transportation Team legally advises The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA), which is comprised of the San Francisco Municipal Railway (MUNI), and the Department of Parking and Traffic (DPT), providing a wide array of public transportation options to over 750,000 City residents, tourists, and commuters who work in San Francisco. MUNI, one of the country’s first public transit agencies, covers 49 square miles of San Francisco and transports more than 200 million riders every year. Meanwhile, the DPT manages over 40 city-owned garages and metered parking lots, and oversees all traffic engineering functions which includes maintaining signs, signals, traffic strips, curb markings, and parking meters.

Some of the Transportation Team’s past projects have included:

  1. The Third Street Light Rail — called the “T-Line,” this line was installed to provide service to growing communities along Third Street
  2. Central Railway Project — links the T-Line service and is in the construction process as of 2013
  3. Metro East Light Rail Vehicle Facility — opened in 2008 along the Eastern edge of the City as a response to overcrowding at the Metro Green Facility
  4. Metro Improvement Project — is an extension of the T-Line to more retail, sporting venues, and other lively parts of downtown
  5. Metro Overhead Line Replacement Project — replaced the overhead electrical lines in subway serving the downtown area and Twin Peaks Tunnel