The City Attorney’s Office Government Team provides advice and prepares legislation for the Mayor, the Board of Supervisors, the Controller, City Administrator and for City departments on matters that do not fall within the area of responsibility of another City Attorney Team. Examples of departments and commissions to which the team provides advice include: the Arts Commission, the War Memorial Board of Trustees, the Fine Arts Museums Board of Trustees, the Recreation and Park Commission, the Board of Appeals, the Assessment Appeals Board, the Grand Jury, the Human Rights Commission, the Environment Commission, the Civil Service Commission, the Department of Administrative Services, the Golden Gate Concourse Authority, the San Francisco Transportation Authority, the Library Commission, the Assessor/Recorder, the County Clerk, and the Taxi Commission among a multitude of others.

A section of this team also defends the City in litigation challenging ordinances, policies, procedures, and administrative proceedings. The team additionally serves as a resource to the office for legislative drafting and on a wide variety of municipal and constitutional issues such as open meeting-public record laws, the budget process, the interpretation of the Charter, preemption issues, the First Amendment, intellectual property issues, and equal opportunity programs.