Pissoir at Dolores Park

Ain’t that a pissoir?!

Conservative group sues San Francisco over ‘pissoir’ facility at local park famous for its counter culture, immodest sunbathing, pot brownies, ‘Hunky Jesus’ and more

SAN FRANCISCO (April 15, 2016)—Local religious conservatives—represented by a legal foundation that the Southern Poverty Law Center identifies as an “anti-LGBT hate group”—are among the plaintiffs in a civil suit served on the City and County of San Francisco today, which seeks the removal of a newly-constructed “pissoir” located in Dolores Park.  Neighborhood residents successfully advocated to build the facility, which is similar to streetscape fixtures that many European cities have featured since the 19th Century. 

Plaintiffs behind the lawsuit allege that the pissoir is an illegal public nuisance because it is “indecent,” “offensive to the senses,” “grossly unseemly,” and “offensive to manners and morals.” 

They simultaneously argue that it is not sufficiently accessible.

Dolores Park—located between the city’s diverse and colorful Castro and Mission neighborhoods—ranks number 1 on Yelp among San Francisco’s best nude parks.  For years, the popular 16-acre destination has been well-known for its vibrant counter culture, immodest sunbathers, pot brownie vendors, spectacular city views, and famously irreverent “Hunky Jesus” contest, which is sponsored annually by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.  

City Attorney spokesman Matt Dorsey, who declined to comment substantively on the lawsuit’s allegations, said: “If I had to predict the top 100 things in Dolores Park likely to offend these plaintiffs, I wouldn’t have guessed that this would make the cut.”

City Attorney Dennis Herrera’s office will defend the litigation, which was filed in San Francisco Superior Court yesterday. 


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