Herrera sues ‘corrective education’ scheme

‘Corrective education’ scheme uses threat of criminal prosecution to intimidate and extort

SAN FRANCISCO (Nov. 24 2015)—City Attorney Dennis Herrera is suing a private, profit-driven “corrective education” scheme for extortion and flouting diversion requirements. The suit filed in San Francisco Superior Court Monday morning names Corrective Education Company as defendant for extorting suspected shoplifters into paying hundreds of dollars to participate in its six hour long behavioral modification program or face criminal prosecution. After making false and misleading statements to the accused shoplifters, many “choose” to participate in the program, which forces them to sign unlawful contracts confessing to crimes. If they are unable to pay, CEC threatens to hand the case over to police for prosecution.

“We should all be concerned about privatizing our justice system,” said Herrera. “That’s especially true in the case of CEC, which is using the threat of criminal prosecution to intimidate and extort the accused.”

Read the LA Times coverage of the lawsuit here.

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