Club Suede Case

City Attorney Dennis Herrera is suing for tough, enforceable injunctions and potentially substantial penalties and costs against the owners and operators of Club Suede, a notorious Fisherman’s Wharf establishment that was the site of a fatal shooting in the early hours of Feb. 7, 2010. The original complaint filed in San Francisco Superior Court on April 15, 2010 details a pattern of nuisance and unlawful conduct by the defiant club operators dating as far back as 2007. Herrera is additionally seeking permanent closure of the establishment to ensure that Club Suede’s owners don’t reopen it.

Said Herrera:

“San Francisco should be known for its vibrant nightlife — not its violent nightlife. Unfortunately, occasional bad apples like Club Suede think they can flout the law, inviting violence that too often has tragic consequences. Our litigation is seeking tough injunctions and penalties to protect public safety and also to send a message. San Francisco benefits from thousands of entertainment venues that operate responsibly and safely. Going after reckless establishments like Club Suede isn’t simply about protecting club-goers and neighbors, it’s about protecting responsible operators, and standing up for one of our City’s most important cultural attractions and business sectors.”

Herrera secures injunction to permanently bar ‘Club Suede’ operators from re-opening a place of entertainment; Agreement includes $20,000 payment to the City by owners of Fisherman’s Wharf nightclub that was the site of fatal shooting in February (Oct. 20, 2010)