AIMCO’s $1 Million Payment Marks Key Milestone For Bayview/Hunter’s Point Children’s Recreation Project

Hunter’s Point Boys and Girls Clubhouse, SFPD Office Enhance Public Safety and Recreational Opportunities for Neighborhood Youth

SAN FRANCISCO (Jan. 6, 2006) — Mayor Gavin Newsom, City Attorney Dennis Herrera, Supervisor Sophie Maxwell and representatives of the Boys and Girls Clubs of San Francisco and Denver-based real estate investment trust AIMCO were on hand at a City Hall press conference today to welcome AIMCO’s $1 million payment to help fund a new Hunter’s Point Clubhouse on Kiska Road, which will be operated by the Boys and Girls Club. The payment marks a key milestone in a 2004 agreement that settled litigation between the City and AIMCO involving four federally-subsidized apartment complexes the company owns and operates in Bayview/Hunter’s Point.

Under terms of the settlement, AIMCO agreed that the City could use the $1 million payment to help finance the new Boys and Girls Club located at the Milton Meyer facility in Hunters Point, provided that that the City met a number of conditions. Those conditions, which have all been met, include a long-term lease between the San Francisco Housing Authority and the Boys and Girls Clubs of San Francisco; the development of a program by the Boys and Girls Clubs of San Francisco to finance development of the new clubhouse; an initial contribution of at least $500,000 in City funds toward the new clubhouse; and the opening of an associated San Francisco Police Department community policing office at the facility.

Lauded as a creative, mutually beneficial settlement to enhance public safety and provide recreational opportunities for neighborhood youth when it was announced in September of 2004, the resulting project has attracted partnerships with the San Francisco Giants, which — together with former Giants pitcher Kirk Reuter — donated more than $200,000 toward a new community baseball field at the site; the San Francisco 49ers, which recently donated toys to the community’s annual holiday party at the site and agreed to contribute an additional $300,000 toward the project; and the Bayview Rotary Club, which has pledged $150,000 to the project over five years. The club has also made substantial progress in private fundraising. Last month, in conjunction with the San Francisco Police Department, the club had its interim programming kick-off, which includes a winter basketball program consisting of three leagues for children to play in.

“Today’s milestone is proof that a productive partnership can emerge from contentious litigation,” said City Attorney Dennis Herrera. “In paying $1 million to help build this recreational project, AIMCO is not merely living up to its part of a settlement agreement, it’s fulfilling our shared vision of partnership for a better neighborhood that benefits all of us: residents and youth, community organizations, law enforcement, and property owners like AIMCO. I commend AIMCO for its commitment to this project, and for its continued engagement in helping to improve recreational opportunities for children and public safety in Bayview/Hunter’s Point. This payment could not have arrived at a better time.”

“I am happy to see this partnership expand educational and recreational opportunities for our City’s children and youth in the Bayview/Hunter’s Point,” said Mayor Newsom. “In a climate that challenges us to find the resources to continue to pursue an improved quality of life for our citizens, this payment marks an important milestone in a model partnership for change in Bayview/Hunter’s Point.”

“The children of Bayview/Hunter’s Point will benefit tremendously from AIMCO’s payment,” said District Ten Supervisor Sophie Maxwell. “The enhanced programs and services, operating in partnership with SFPD community policing officers, will provide the children with incredible resources and opportunities. We hope that this new center will be an anchor facility for positive change up on Hunter’s Point Hill.”

“We are very pleased to make this contribution to the Boys and Girls Club project and to be a part of this historic partnership to provide opportunities for the children and youth of Hunters Point,” said Miles Cortez, Executive Vice President and General Counsel of AIMCO. “When completed, this new facility will provide recreation, enhanced safety for our residents, our employees and our neighbors, and a host of other athletic, arts, educational and mentoring programs to the neighborhood. AIMCO is proud invest in these activities and in the future of so many young people who deserve every opportunity to be successful. We look forward to our continuing partnership with the City of San Francisco and the Boys and Girls Club.”

“The kids of Hunter’s Point are the big winners in this announcement, and that’s exactly the way it should be,” said Rob Connolly, president and executive director of Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco. “Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco was honored to be asked by leaders in the community to take on this project and we look forward to working with those leaders, the youth, and their parents to ensure the success of the Club for generations to come. Kudos to Mayor Newsom, City Attorney Herrera, Supervisor Maxwell, the SFPD and AIMCO for being leaders and innovators in bringing together this public/private partnership for the families in Hunters Point”