Herrera subpoenas Millennium Tower

“This is a desperate appeal by a handful of opponents who’ve failed in every other attempt to kill this project, whether it has been at the decision-making level or in Superior Court,” City Attorney Dennis Herrera said.
“I have serious concerns that the disclosures required by state law…did not contain information about the settling of the Property,” City Attorney Dennis Herrera wrote in his letter.

City Attorney invokes investigative authority to determine whether mandatory real estate transfer statements complied with state law, disclosed structural settling

City Attorney Dennis Herrera today formally subpoenaed Millennium Partners as part of his office’s investigation into whether the developer complied with state law by disclosing known structural sinking issues to purchasers of more than 400 residential units in the Millennium Tower.

In the administrative subpoena served on Millennium Partners I, Inc. this morning, Herrera acknowledges that his demand for evidence is “in furtherance of an investigation.”  Both the subpoena and Herrera’s accompanying cover letter cite a provision of California law that requires real estate owners to provide “Mandatory Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statements” to purchasers that offer extensive detail about property conditions.  

“I have serious concerns that the disclosures required by state law…did not contain information about the settling of the Property,” Herrera wrote in his letter.   [Read more]

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Warriors Event Center

City Attorney Dennis Herrera is defending San Francisco in civil litigation that seeks to invalidate a series of approvals and permits authorizing the Golden State Warriors event center and mixed-use development project in the Mission Bay neighborhood.

SF v. PG&E Case

S.F. v. PG&E Trial

PG&E’s $600 million shakedown of city taxpayers represents a new level of lawless, anti-competitive bullying by the investor-owned utility—and San Francisco is fighting in federal court to save its public power distribution.  The trial takes place in Washington, D.C.


Trinity Investigation

City Attorney Herrera is investigating whether Trinity Place violated its development agreement—and state and local law—by leasing at least 16 rent-controlled dwellings to tourists, which were apparently marketed as “The SOMA Suites Hotel.”

Herrera at a news conference

Abusive landlord lawsuit

City Attorney Herrera has sued San Francisco landlord Anne Kihagi over unlawful business practices that include waging “a war of harassment, intimidation, and retaliation” to force tenants from their rent-controlled homes.  Once vacated, Kihagi re-rents the units at higher market rates.

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Pictured: San Francisco City Attorney interns from our Summer 2013 program explore City Hall.
Pictured: City Attorney’s Office interns from our Summer 2013 program explore San Francisco City Hall.

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